Should your TAG Heuer timepiece either need work under our two-year International Warranty, or non-warranty work, you have two possible solutions:

  • Send your watch directly to TAG Heuer USA:

    TAG Heuer USA is the only Official Service Center in USA approved by TAG Heuer central Customer Service in Switzerland, authorized to perform warranty work.

    TAG Heuer USA has the skilled watchmakers, genuine TAG Heuer spare parts, tools and know-how to perform all kinds of work, both under warranty or not, on all TAG Heuer timepieces. All the work is performed internally at TAG Heuer USA (not subcontracted) and complies with the International TAG Heuer service quality guidelines.

    TAG Heuer USA enables you to track online progress of the work being performed on your timepiece : service available only if the watch is sent directly to TAG Heuer USA.

    Click here to send your watch directly to TAG Heuer USA.

  • Deposit your watch at an Authorized Retailer: 

    Authorized Retailers are approved by TAG Heuer USA. They have access to genuine TAG Heuer spare parts and are Authorized Service Centers for non-warranty work. For warranty work, Authorized Retailers forward timepieces to TAG Heuer USA, for quality reasons. 

    Click here to locate an Authorized Retailer in your area.

    Please contact our Customer Service Center if you require any further information or assistance.

    Click here to Contact Us.

For Customers in California

Pursuant to California law 653o of the penal code as of January 1st, 2020 the import of crocodile or alligator straps for commercial purposes is deemed unlawful.
Please have the strap removed before sending your timepiece in for repair if you are unsure whether the strap is made from the listed protected species.
If you send in your watch with a crocodile or alligator strap attached, the strap may not be returned.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about questions you might have about materials used, how to take care of your watch or other accessories, etc.

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Maintenance service

We recommend a maintenance service every 1 or 2 years or a failed water-resistance test. As a general rule, all TAG Heuer watches require an annual check of their water-resistance.

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