TAG Heuer offers a pick-up service exclusively for individual customers to have their TAG Heuer watches maintenanced smoothly. Apply through our website and a packing kit will be sent to your designated location. 

Please find below the procedures. We will inform you of the status of your watch by email so please be sure to check your mail. We advise you to register an email address other than your cell phone address. Our emails will be sent from

  1. Please apply from our website and a confirmation email will be  sent to you within 5 days.
  2. A packing kit for your watch will be delivered to your designated location in approximately 10 days. Please pack your watch into the kit and arrange the  delivery service according to the instructions enclosed in the packing kit. It may take time to deliver the packing kit during the year end/new year and peak seasons.
  3. After receiving your watch, an email will be sent to you with the ID and password necessary to access to our website where you can check the contents of the estimate and status of your watch. It will require approximately a week to send you the estimate after receiving your watch.
  4. If you approve to our estimate, please pay online by VISA, Master Card or JCB. Further information will be sent by email to inform you when we have proceeded and completed the maintenance.

The delivery charge is 800 yen excluding tax but will be exempted if the repair is free of charge due to the reasons below.

  1. Under product warranty
  2. Under repair warranty
  3. When you disapprove our estimate. If you should cancel after approval a cancellation fee will be charged.

**Please enclose your warranty card if it is within the product warranty term.

***Please apply upon confirming the terms and conditions of the pick-up service.

Terms and conditions of pick up service 

How to ask for pick up service


Frequently Asked Questions

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Maintenance service

We recommend a maintenance service every 1 or 2 years or a failed water-resistance test. As a general rule, all TAG Heuer watches require an annual check of their water-resistance.

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